King Casino Launch – Fortuna Gaming

King Casino Launch – Fortuna Gaming

With a regal name and a selection of games fit for royalty, King Casino is set to be a firm favourite in the world of gambling. Fortuna Gaming, who have previously taken on projects of this scale have really pushed themselves in the production of King Casino. They have elected to go against the flow of traditional, royal casino sites. Instead, Scott Manford, the CEO of Fortuna Gaming said: “We have gone for a slightly more fun take on the ‘king’ theme, rather than the more traditional, royal and regal approach other online casinos have adopted.”

The brand already has some push behind it, with Manford extremely confident that it will shoot to popularity. He also said: “We are over the moon with this brand and we think it has the gravitas to compete with the other power brands in the casino niche.”

King Casino has definitely come out of a passion for developing these slot sites with Scott Manford admitting: “We’ve wanted to launch this brand for a long time and chose Aspire Global to partner up with on this project because of the global reach and aligned ambitions and aspirations.”

The partnership with Aspire Global is not the first for Fortuna Gaming. They have previouslyteamed up with Aspire to launch Slotzo. Slotzo has a clean and uncluttered design that is intended to enable players to have the full casino experience. This also shows in the design of King Casino, which allows its players to access any casino game of their choice with ease.

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