Spain’s Ombudsman Calls for Gambling Ad Ban

Spain’s Ombudsman Calls for Gambling Ad Ban

Francisco Fernández Marugán, Spain’s acting Civic Ombudsman, has recommended the Spanish government to issue a complete ban on advertising gambling products and services. Marugán addressed the recommendations to the Ministries of Finance and Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare.

The ban would mean that operators would be prohibited from displaying any form of broadcast pertaining to gambling products and services before a particular time, in addition to the prohibition of celebrity endorsements and gambling signage at sporting events.

Marugán has stated that any operator found to be in contravention of the proposed ban could result in the cancellation of an operator’s license, however, this can only be justified if a total ban is imposed.

Marugán considers that the advertising of gambling and bets “should not be considered protected in the freedom of business, as it is not in products such as tobacco or addictive substances.”

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